Bodyworks Pilates

Pilates and Oov Training in Park City, Utah

Bodyworks Pilates

Pilates and Oov Training in Park City, Utah.

Welcome to Bodyworks Pilates

Bodyworks Pilates has been rooted in beautiful Park City, Utah since 2007. Bodyworks Pilates will help you reach your greatest potential by guiding you on the path to recovery and/ or wellness. We specialize in private and online class Pilates practice, as well as Oov treatment and exercises.

Comprehensive Services

Individual needs are met with initial evaluations of core strength and functional movement patterns. Clients can choose from individual sessions, online class or home exercise programs. Formal physical therapy and nutritional consultations are referred.

The Pilates Method 

Joseph Pilates is the founder of the Pilates method and began his teaching in the United States by rehabbing dancers and boxers. He was a progressive inventor and healer with mind/body connection. Pilates is a movement system that uses the mind to control muscles focusing on core strength and providing support for the spine. Pilates also allows one to balance the strength and movement of the body. I started using the Pilates method when I realized most people don’t breathe when they exercise or move throughout the day. The combination of using your breath and moving through a series of exercises improves your core and postural strength.

Robyn Hase


Bodyworks Pilates is a company that offers classical Pilates online or private sessions. My background over the past twenty years in sports medicine and health is an indication of my passion for helping recreational and professional athletes reach their greatest potential by guiding them on their path to recovery and/or wellness.

” I retired from the NBA with a host of back and knee issues. Pilates has been the most effective tool I have found to improve strength, flexibility and movement so I can do all the things I love.  The combination of Robyn’s unique, intuitive understanding of the athlete body and the precise tailored workouts keep me standing tall and feeling great. She is a lifesaver!”

Mark Eaton, NBA All Star and Award Winning Speaker